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The Next Age in our Economy According to Futurist Byron Reese

Thursday, 27 February, 2020

To kick off the Chamber’s 2020 Thought Leadership Series, Byron Reese enlightened an audience of over 200 business and community leaders that the way we work to stimulate our economy is about to change in a major way.  Due to the on-going advancement of technology, systems like artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly being used in the workplace to provide more efficiency and productivity for the economy. What does this mean for humans? Reese shares that we too will advance and become more skilled to do the work in the next age.


How do we make progress?

Reese made it clear stating that there are two key factors in how we make progress: civilization and technology. Learning how to get along better with each other and utilizating new systems to solve problems is the essence of advancement.  Reese references Moore’s Law that states the power of computers doubles every 2 years emphasizing that technology will only continue to grow and we as humans will continue to adjust as time goes on. 

“85% of all economic growth comes from technology.”

Myth of job losses


Reese sympathizes that people have always been threatened by labor saving technology. It’s thought of as dehumanizing in which it actually increases human productivity. He adds,

“The most important skill is the ability to teach yourself new things.”

Data shows that every 50 years we lose half of our jobs, however we fail to acknowledge the new jobs and opportunities that are created due to technology. Just before the floor was opened for Q&A, Reese expresses, “Technology creates opportunities – invest in these opportunities.”


Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Smith for encouraging and supporting this incredible opportunity.

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