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Member Advice with Michelle Burns

Wednesday, 22 May, 2019

Member Advice -mb

It takes hard work, dedication and sometimes good old fashion luck to build a strong, profitable business. One of the best pieces of advice for entrepreneurs and emerging business owners is to get smart insights from people who have been there before.

See what Michelle Burns of Fayette Janitorial Services has to say on how she keeps her business growing. 


What’s the one thing you wish you’d have known when you started out in business?

 Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I made a lot of them and at the time I thought I was insufficient. Now I know those mistakes made me better.


What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

Always give God the glory.


What keeps you motivated?

God and my family.


Who is your role model and why?

My mom – She taught me work ethic and how to balance life and family.


What’s your best time management hack?

Always be organized. “To Do” lists are never outdated in my mind.


What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?

I have raised three amazing children while maintaining a leadership role in my company. If I ever failed as a mother, I failed at everything. Our children are our future.


Where do you see yourself and your company in five years?

It is my hope that I continue to lead our company with grace and dignity. Never forgetting to give God the glory for all things.  I see us as a company that continues to thrive and excel in customer relationships and happy employees.



We’ve asked business owners from across the city to share some of their best advice on starting and growing their small business. Want to learn more insights from other Chamber members? Follow the hashtag #MemberAdvice on our social media channels and read more here on our blog.