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How to Ace a Zoom Interview

Monday, 8 June, 2020

During the #Coronavirus pandemic, interviews can still happen, but they will likely not be face to face. A virtual interview has a much different feel than in person, and can be arguably more intimidating. But don’t stress, here’s some expert advice to ensure you nail your virtual interview!

7 Tips to Virtual Interview Success
  1. Prepare
    As with any interview, you should thoroughly research the company. This includes its history, products, achievements, etc. Be prepared to talk about these things during your #interview.

    * EXPERT TIP: Do a quick Google/LinkedIn search of the individuals who will be interviewing you so that you know a little bit about them!

  1. Dress for success
    Be sure to look the part! Just because you aren’t in person doesn’t mean you can roll out of bed and show up in your PJs. Prep your clothes the night before just as you normally would. Iron out any wrinkles and make sure you feel confident in what you’ve chosen to wear! You never know if you’ll have to get up during a meeting, and you don’t want your potential boss to see your mismatched slippers 😉

  2. Test your technology
    Make sure your audio and webcam work BEFORE you try to hop on the call! Test your speakers, microphone, camera and internet connection before your start time. There is nothing worse than your computer giving you an issue 2 minutes before your virtual interview. Whatever tool the company is using, ensure that you can log in and know exactly what to do to.

  3. Find a good setting
    Choose your location wisely! During the interview, try and sit in front of a blank background so that YOU remain the focal point. To do this simply find a plain wall and put your chair in front of it. Test it first on your computer’s video to see how you will present yourself. Make sure there’s no laundry on the ground, dirty dishes in the background or scattered toys across the room.

  4. Remove distractions
    An interview is a serious time so it’s important to ensure all distractions are removed. If children or pets are home with you, ask a friend or family member to watch them while you go into a quiet room. Turn your cell phone OFF so you aren’t glancing at it should a message pop up. Be sure to also close any windows to muffle any noise from outdoors.

    * EXPERT TIP: Sometimes distractions are inevitable! If you have a concern that something may pop up (crying baby, angry puppy, etc.) give the interviewer a heads up before the meeting begins. Life happens, don’t sweat it too much 🙂

  1. Watch your body language
    You won’t have the opportunity to give a firm handshake during a virtual interview so body language is key! Sit up straight, smile and keep the camera at eye level to avoid looking up or down. It’s been shown that employers are more likely to remember what you said if you maintain eye contact, so stay focused not on the screen image of the employer, but on the camera itself just as if you were looking directly at them.

  2. Mind your talking speed
    There are sometimes delays with audio technology. Help prevent feedback and glitches by speaking slowly and clearly!

Use Zoom Like a Pro

Zoom is one of the most popular virtual conferencing tools out there. Here are some quick tips to help you through your call!

  1. Update your display name
    You want to make sure your display name is your full first and last name. To update this go to SETTINGS > VIDEO and check “Always display participant’s name on their videos.”

  2. Touch up your appearance
    This is more of a “bonus” tip 😉 To soften the focus on your face to show a slightly airbrushed effect, go to SETTINGS > VIDEO and check “Touch up my appearance.”

  3. Mute your microphone
    When the interviewer is talking, you may want to mute your mic in case of any unexpected noises on your end. Use Cmd+Shift+A (PC: Alt+A) to mute/unmute your audio.

New to Zoom? Or maybe you’re a seasoned Zoom-er that wants to add some skills to their repertoire. No matter your skill level, check out these awesome “Info on How to Zoom” videos!