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Young Memphis Honoree: Jennifer Richardson

Friday, 16 August, 2019

Jennifer Richardson, Young Memphis Honoree

Get to know Jennifer Richardson, Co-FounderHenderson Transloading Services and President/Owner of Industrial Sales Company of Memphis and Greater Memphis chamber 2019 Young Memphis Honoree.

What event or accomplishment has been the most impactful for your career so far?

Making the transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship. Starting a company opened my eyes like nothing else can or will.  I have experienced both new highs and lows.

What motivates you to be active in your community or profession?

My grandmother instilled in all of us “If not you, then who?”. It’s a motto that pushes my entire family and me to work hard and ‘be the change we wish to see’.

What does being a young professional in Memphis mean to you?

Like most Memphians I love my BBQ, Basketball, and Baseball.  I also love taking the family to the Memphis Zoo, Overton Square, supporting the arts with Young Arts Patrons, running through different areas with the Memphis Road Runners Series, and enriching myself through leadership organizations.

What do you like about living in Memphis?

I love the culture here. I am most enamored by the sense of pride in the city—particularly among native Memphians. While millennials are often described as making healthier food choices, Memphis definitely has a variety of cuisines that truly feed the soul. There are so many amazing places to eat here! Some of my favorites are Uncle Lou’s, The Wing Factory, Mahogany Memphis, The Choo, Chef Tam’s Underground Café, Slice of Soul, Sage, and so many more.

What advice do you have for new young professionals interested in starting or building their career in Memphis?

Memphis has a lot of potential, and like most cities it is built on relationships. The difference here is that you can access those you need to build the relationship with because 9 out 10 times they are in the trenches with you.

If you’re new to town or been gone awhile, welcome and don’t be shy. Go get involved! Check out New Memphis or Soundcheck which are great programs to learn about Memphis and build a village of young professional relationships.

Who do you most admire and why?

If someone says that you’re turning into your parents, I take it as a compliment. Both are top professionals that taught my siblings and I through action the importance of family and the value of hard work. They have built a marriage based on God and trust while supporting each other’s success. I hope that my husband and I can emulate my parents.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Growing my business and assuming an increased role in the community. We have great community leadership that will soon start passing the torch. I want to insure I am ready to receive it and run my leg of the journey with the same drive, compassion and determination. 

What’s your favorite thing about being a young professional in Memphis?

The city is not too big that you cannot make a difference in the community. I love Memphis, because my family is here but also because it has tons of potential, if we are all willing to dig in, work hard and be inclusive that potential can be achieved.

Interested in getting plugged in? Learn more about the Chamber’s Soundcheck Young Professionals Council here.