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Meet the Chairman’s Circle: Bill Courtney

Monday, 31 July, 2023

Chairman’s Circle investors lead within their organizations and in the community. Chairman’s Circle investor Bill Courtney is the founder of Classic American Hardwoods, author of Against the Grain, the subject of the Academy Award-winning documentary Undefeated, and now the host of the new podcast An Army of Normal Folks.

The remarkably candid Coach Courtney told The Daily Memphian why he started his podcast. “There are neighborhoods in every city… when you go over the viaduct and peer off the side, and you see poverty, despair, crime, disenfranchisement — all of the sensationalized stuff as you think about drugs and gangs, and it is where you just do not want to have a flat tire.Chamber - An Army of Normal Folks 

“Some of us, when we experience that, we think to ourselves, ‘Somebody ought to do something about that someday.’ As if that sentiment matters. And it doesn’t. My suggestion is we kick that rearview mirror about 15 degrees to the left and look ourselves in the face and say, ‘Maybe I ought to do something about it one day.’ And I simply said, “I think it’s gonna take an army of normal folks seeing places of need, matching your passion with your talents and just helping in your little corner of the world.’”

Thus the podcast An Army of Normal Folks was born. In each episode Bill takes us through the story of someone who saw a problem – or, most likely, faced a problem – and came up with a solution. The podcast can motivate leaders to change their communities, one normal person at a time.

You can learn more and listen here.

About the Chairman’s Circle: The Greater Memphis Chamber Chairman’s Circle is a group of more than 160 C-suite business leaders working to spur economic growth, develop the workforce, and improve the business climate throughout the region. Learn more about the group and its task forces here and follow the Chairman’s Circle on LinkedIn.