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A Community-Focused Mindset Makes for Meaningful Banking

Tuesday, 31 December, 2019

communitybankCommunity-oriented banks play an important part within the financial system of a city and its local economy. Community banks have a critical role in keeping their local economies vibrant by lending to creditworthy borrowers across the region. They are often able to respond quicker and more effectively to lending requests than national competitors, because they have a deep understanding of the needs and challenges their customers face. Additionally, their close ties to the communities they serve help them make lending decisions that will provide the greatest benefit to the entire community.

An intentional and well-established community-minded bank will impact its members in a number of ways:

1. They support the local economy. Local banks remain anchors of the community through good and bad economic times. A community with a diverse group of vibrant local companies is more stable, financially robust and less susceptible to economic turmoil than a community served by a single employer or large national chain operations. When investors keep their money within local financial institutions that invest in local businesses and people, they are protected to some extent from events outside the community.

Community banks can also meet the direct needs of a small business by offering lending options that provide new equipment, more jobs and more resources. This type of reinvestment helps small businesses grow, while also helping families finance purchases and build their financial security. These smart investments and small business decisions might seem minute on the outside, but when you add them all up, they make a big impact.

2. They make a difference to the people around them. When a bank says that it’s dedicated to the community, it’s proven through the initiative it takes to band together with other community members and serve those around them.

One way Paragon has continued to stay community-minded is through its community service initiatives. Founded more than 13 years ago, Assisting the Community Through Service (A.C.T.S.) grew out of the early stages of the company. The bank’s founders wanted to stand firm and act on one of its core principles – being actively engaged in the community – but was not able to make significant monetary contributions at the time. With a great deal of thought, another resource of giving was offered: employee civic time. To this day, the majority of the bank’s community involvement stems from donating personal and business time, making A.C.T.S. an example of how a business can make a difference in their community, other than just financially. 

When you do business with a community bank, you’re investing in something greater than yourself or your business. You become a part of an organization that represents the people in the city where you live and work.

3. They have time to listen to your needs. Big banks often have rigid systems and processes, and they aren’t always easy to reach. If you need help from customer service, you may be forced to call a national toll-free number to talk to someone. When you compare that experience with a local bank, it looks quite different. The same person can handle everything for you in one sitting or phone call. They have the time to sort through your questions and are more accessible for your day-to-day needs.

In a community bank setting, you develop relationships, and you know what to expect and who to talk to when you have questions.

As you look deeper into your banking needs, think about what kind of relationship you need to be successful. Community banks are an integral part of the local economy; they reinvest local dollars back into the community and help create jobs. Through your research, you might find satisfaction in banking with a group that’s more personalized to your needs and big picture goals.

Since its founding in 2005, Paragon Bank has maintained a solid focus on the community and customer service and in 2018 opened its full-service Oxford Banking Center. For nearly 15 years, Paragon has delivered innovative products and financial expertise, convenience, and a deep understanding of what both businesses and individuals need from a bank, in order to provide solutions that make a difference. In the areas of business or personal banking, lending options or wealth management, Paragon delivers cutting edge technology, an experienced team and the most service-oriented staff of any community bank.

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